Obvious Engineering’s Seene app lets you create and share 3D photos on the iPhone

Computer vision R&D startup Obvious Engineering has released Seene, an iPhone app that aims to be a “3D Instagram” by using depth capture technology to let you create photos with a parallax effect. Keep Reading —>

When The Matrix came out in 1999, I was pretty much blown away.  Both the story and the effects delivered, including “bullet time” – where The One could slow time to a manageable speed in order to dodge bullets and allow us mere mortals to witness the incredible feat via revolutionary 3D panning around the scene.

Now everyone (every Cowboy at least) gets to enjoy the effect as you may have noticed, as the same technology is now revolutionizing sports broadcasts starting with the NFL and MLB.

And now again, today I see this Seene app is putting a similar effect into everyone’s hands which will undoubtedly come to Instagram in due time creating vertigo at massive scale.