Don’t Mind the Freaky Glowing Cloud in RPA’s Lobby. It’s Just Listening to the Internet

Ad agency RPA in Santa Monica, Calif., suddenly has quite the conversation starter in its lobby: a data-driven light sculpture called The Listening Cloud that visualizes social-media conversation about the agency’s clients in real time.

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Cool and legendary agency, Rubin Postaer and Associates (RPA), launched The Listening Cloud earlier this month. It’s a beautiful installation that mashes social signals with spacial, colored light inside a cloud sculpture.

Just wanted to share it, and also, mention a cool mash-up from back in 2007 called TwitterVision that The Listening Cloud reminds me of… it was a single-page website that rotated a Google Map globe back and forth in real time highlighting popular Tweets (or Tweeted photos).

Not sure why it’s no longer live. Bummer. Suppose we are now mashing up and programming much more than just the web… please tell me you’ve activated at least one IFTTT recipe… amazing.