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We couldn’t do a digital music week without Smarter Upstarter throwing you a solid recommendation on a music app. When it comes to discovery, simplest is best. I’m not crazy about algorithms, instead preferring to trust the wisdom of crowds. That’s why Noon Pacific has become one of my go-to’s.

It couldn’t be simpler: every Monday, Noon Pacific takes the week’s top songs from the web’s top music blogs and turns ‘em into a playlist. There are 10 songs and 10 songs only. If you want more, the previous playlists are archived and accessible through their website or this lovely iPhone app.

Why “Noon Pacific”? Ah yes, the name. Songs are published at noon Pacific Time on Mondays. Simple is elegant.

Smarter Upstarter

FASTENER.IO UPDATE: A friend intro’ed me to the Noon Pacific app… am enjoying the playlists and simple esthetic, and thought I’d share this old Wired review and mention the 2.0 is available today at the website and in the app stores.