A new study released by OPA features several case studies, including one from Edmunds, in which it was noted that native ads performed 406% better than banners on mobile devices.

That’s not particularly surprising given just how “native" the ads on Edmunds are, as you can see in the example…

Native advertising is certainly powerful as long as:

a) the content is valuable to the consumer and not completely out of context,

b) the ad and editorial teams are able to work fluidly together or with an integrated marketing division in the middle that both sides trust, and

c) the entire process can function at scale.

Without “c,” the economics of the entire concept doesn’t pencil.  And “c” generally would mean that some technical platform needs to be in the mix.

WRT mobile in particular, I couldn’t agree more that native could be huge.  I don’t really see many companies addressing this market which is crazy.

However, at least one mobile-first native content/ad platform, youAPPi (, seems to know its a, b, c’s.  youAPPi has tools that enable mobile publishers to inject hand-picked apps and/or automated app recommendations into the content river, permalink, or onto an “apps” hub page.  Some of the apps in the platform are paid placements and generate revenue for the publisher.  Smart.