Lady Gaga hits the stage in a multicopter flying dress

Ok… so I took my wife and kids to see Pink last month and was snickering to myself as she was singing and bouncing up and down on a bungee chord at the same time.  Is it me?… or is that a bit silly?

Regardless, looks like Lady Gaga is willing to kick the silly factor up a notch with this flying dress.  Don’t get me wrong, bungee jumping and personal copters are cool, but not for concerts.  And I’m sure half the crowd is morbidly/secretly hoping to witness a Cirque du Soleil-style crash just to claim they were there.

I mean, even the great showman David Lee Roth drew the line at the jumping splits.  Who would have ever thought of Diamond Dave being the voice of reason, but I think that’s just about right.