Despite the many facts in this Digiday article today entitled The Pageview is Dead, the pageview is quite frankly imo, un-dead.  The technique of using pagination (and/or a photo gallery) is surely abused with respect to generating directly correlated display ad impressions, but the reality is those content experiences are incredibly engaging by nature.  So let’s embrace the pageview and celebrate the life and the storytelling it creates, and instead, let’s challenge ourselves to sell more impactful ad products that help support and showcase that great teaser into pagination or that incredibly addictive gallery (note: this graveyard photo is the first of a photo gallery carousel that tells an, albeit, mediocre story… click away!).  The result could be native, could be branded, could be performance, or could be entirely new and different.  Let’s figure it out and not throw the pageview out with the bathwater.