A FedEx arrived a month ago with holes poked in it and cheeping noises coming out. Yes, we ordered four hatchlings, and the peeps will each grow into drastically different hens — this one is a black silkie and will eventually look like a fluffball with a needle beak. All will lay eggs and so we’ll have over a dozen per week.

I am posting this video less to tell you about our fun pet backyard chickens and more to express how easy it is to publish incredibly creative content nowadays. I am the guy who uses iMovie and toils over making a great montage for an event or a holiday. It’s not easy and takes forever. But look how quickly and effortlessly my daughter shot and posted to her Instagram a simple “Wrecking Ball” cover video all on her own and nailed it. Hilarious.

I suspect we are on the brink of a storytelling and moviemaking explosion once this digital generation grows up and into the next workforce… bound to take on whole new forms and breaking through creative boundries we didn’t know existed. I am betting it will be a Multimedia Revolution. And the bags of popcorn will somehow get even bigger!